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We are looking for a few good men. Leaders that see what is at stake and are compelled to do something about it. Challenging SALT is a start.

If you have MCI field experience or feel passionate about this subject, please reach out to us. You will be in the company of Brothers.    

As you may have surmised by reviewing the white papers and research articles, the effort to propagate SALT is politically charged. The group of subject matter experts, with a combined 50-plus years of field experience, that have contributed to this site have determined that remaining anonymous at this time is preferable to suffering the unknown repercussions of questioning the federal government's policy.    

Their motives

None of the contributors have received compensation or any type of personal or professional gain for the countless hours of research invested in the creation of this content. The single driving force is in the interest of the public they serve and ensuring EMS agencies retain their collective decision making capabilities to make the correct decisions on critical matters. For decades our EMS agencies have adopted policies vetted from within - not mandated by the federal government.     

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