An effort is underway by the federal government to require our nation’s EMS agencies to adopt a new triage system for use in Mass Casualty Incidents. This site was developed to provide EMS agencies the information they need to make an informed decision.

Looking Before You Leap

If you have never heard of SALT, you will soon. If you are considering adopting it, take pause. If you have already adopted it, you would be wise to reconsider.

Unfortunately, the information set previously available for EMS agencies to make an informed decision was incomplete and skewed. As it was provided by the creators of SALT, it lacked objectivity and was never challenged. Look at this site as a non-biased collaborative portal where we can share ideas and challenge information as a community to ensure any decision we make is grounded in fact and unquestionably sound.

It is hoped the creators of SALT will join the discussion as we pull back the curtain and question their science, process and concepts.   

A collection of links and reference documents to do your own research.

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An open, uncensored forum to have community discussions about SALT.


A collection of white papers questioning the practical application of SALT.

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